An ever expanding company with newer innovative projects added periodically until we sure there is not a single moment in your daily life where our presence not felt.
We hope to be part of a stress free world with MINIBO always at your service



MINIBO was formed by a group of professionals who hail from the Land of Kerala in Southern India. What brought them together was their unending passion for their homeland and desire that their land will one day become a hub of business start-ups.

Kerala features as a must-see travel destination in most travel catalogues owing greatly to the ravishing natural beauty and the high level of literacy among the local population. Our ultimate goal is to bring smiles on everyone’s faces and we take inspiration from the age old Sanskrit saying “Loka Samastha Sugino Bhavanthu” meaning may all beings be happy and healthy always.

In this fast evolving world we will strive to innovate with the intention of reducing stress and making life a bit more easier to live. We are aiming high and plan to expand our organization by undertaking regular projects. The key to being part of people’s lives is to innovate and create breakthrough applications that are disruptive and completely transform the way we do things.

MINIBO with our team of entrepreneurs is striving to produce ground-breaking inventions and bring a smile to the lives of people we touch. At MINIBO, the encompassing obsession is to deliver our services to a very high standard.

``Health is wealth.. Having healthy food is the smartest expenditure``
``Prevention always better than cure. Having healthy food prevents many of avoidable chronic diseases``
``We go miles to get smiles on your face``
``Explore the world to understand self and nature``
``Find ways to relax self.. Stressfull life destroys your youth..``


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